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Fatsani Tale Of Survival Movie Review
by Basilio Sande

Fatsani: A tale of survival is finally accessible a year after it first premiered. The movie has carried a lot of marketing hype and received accolades along the way. We enjoyed a story of a young girl whose odds were always stacked against her in a poor village setting. This drama film by HD Plus creations gathered great talents to bring the story to life. From Fatsani’s attempts to survive hardships, to intense levels of corruption and abuse from her school’s headmaster and politicians, we see the story unfold to worse situations for the young mathematician.

The Story 

A corrupt politician works closely with the headmaster of a primary school to shut down a school and sell the land, affecting the lives of teachers and students. As one of the students, Fatsani fights her way through daring odds to take care of her grandmother and adapt to a difficult life with very few who support her.

Acting And Directing

Being a drama film, the acting and direction stood out very well. Crying scenes by Hannah Sukali acting as Fatsani, and Mrs Phiri played by Joyce Chavela expressed the deep emotion for viewers. Convincing tone and facial expressions coupled with great body language by Mr Mussa were enough for you to love the unlikeable character. However the acting and direction were not perfect, like notable laughing by students who were being mocked and punished. A lot of voice acting and body language played by actors in smaller roles were rigid and sounded unnatural. Crowds which were supposed to show chaos and lack of order, shouted and chanted with a lot of harmony and synchronization.   

The movie did a poor job in introducing its characters, besides Fatsani and her friend Chikondi, we get to know most character names far inside the movie, with some of the prevalent characters like Mr Mussa, the head teacher, only being mentioned almost 40 minutes, and countless scenes into the movie. 

Cinematography and Setting

The setting of the movie, in what seems to be a poor neighborhood, envisioned the hardships of conducting business, employment and school in unfavorable conditions. The movie showed the poorly built homes and markets, low standard food and water that Fatsani had to survive off of. The movie does a good job showing how far the humble character walked to meet her friend and arrive at school. 

The film was shot mostly during the day, however there were lighting inconsistencies, some scenes being too dark or too bright and some scenes showed too openly that there was artificial lighting. The editing was generally done well with some room for improvement. The make up, even though it might go unnoticed by many, was excellent work, the thug who Mr Mussa talked to had a scar drawn for a convincing look, and one of the primary school chefs was made to look 20 years older than what he was.

The music selection, sound effects, audio production were a needed ingredient to the recipe, and nicely done. With some local artists and songs which seem to have been recorded specifically for the movie, the sound team did a good job bringing life to the movie.


In summary the movie is an overall great title, and you can understand why it is in demand. It grabs your attention and keeps it, it leaves you curious about the next thing, with moments of surprise and disbelief. The story telling is the most impressive and worth reliving whilst the script and dialog leaves some room for improvement. It is fair to say that quality of execution and attention to detail lacked a lot, bad lighting and inconsistent direction for the actors. Though the story is great, it should be worth pointing out that some scenes would start a story progression and not reveal anything more, the ending had a lot of suspense but hard to tell if it was intentional or a loose end.

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