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by Zonse Staff

Patience Namadingo took some time out of his busy schedule, to address the reasoning behind him hosting the Castel Beer Launch.

Castel Malawi launched its new beer and enlisted Patience Namadingo as host of the event. Patience who rose to fame through his Gospel Music career, has lately been rebranding himself from just being a gospel artist, to an overall entertainer. In as much as his musical content hasn’t drastically change, he has lately been performing at places or/and events that not many Christians attend.

When it was announced that he would be hosting the beer launch, Malawian social media was divided on whether this was a late April fool’s joke, or he was indeed booked for the gig. Come Friday the 5th of April, and Patience was indeed the host of the Castel Beer launch.

A couple of days after hosting the successful event, Patience released the following statement on his facebook :

">OF THE NEW CASTEL BEER, THE DRINKING COMMUNITY, AND YOUR GOSPEL ARTIST ( for only those who can read ) "i am born Catholic by baptism and practiced, born Ngoni tribe and practice.... " Patience Benedict Namadingo as per baptism name like pope Benedict I was 19 yrs and a half old when most Malawians heard my name for the 1st time PATIENCE NAMADINGO as a new kid on the block doing gospel music. (the good news of Jesus Christ music) I have always done gospel music because of who I have been raised to be by my family, it is the only common topic I fully understand without thinking twice it is printed in stone in me that it can’t be washed off by water nor wind, it is who I am to write biblical music, however I have also come to understand over time that the Talent I have is and has become my Job, it has become a bread winning tool, a very good one that I have loved deeply and wish for no another, I have also realized it needs to be harnessed by thinking way ahead of common thoughts, so I have opened all the folded parts that one can unfold from advantages of having a big name or some may call it being a celebrated person ( CELEBRITY ) so it has brought me to using the name to raise funds for the poor and the sick, it has brought me to represent other big Brands that work towards development and advancement of man in this generation with a positive impact on life such as ECO BANK, DSTV and World Vision I can not call them gospel brands, (companies) our relationship has been very good working with people who believe in different things and yet work for the better of just life. I have also developed immense interest in the art of public speaking, I have been a reader of a book titled " do’s and taboos of Public speaking " this book has sharpened my presentation skills that I have also opened another door in hosting events and I have always preferred hosting a corporate event or one that has such a look to it and so it has been with all my recent events hosted. My most recent client to hire my hosting skill " CASTEL " a beverage Giant across the globe and now in Malawi wanting the hosting me to be its Host for its official beer Launch I did think twice because this was unexpected but I told myself I am a fine host, just like all people that work for Castel from the Directors office to the accounts department to the Marketers that make sure the brand keeps rising and all the way to the sales team that makes sure they sale more and more and to the man holding the broom I am sure they all have their churches to go to every Sunday, I am sure some even have church posts as elders or deacons and families but they work for a company just as I would temporarily work for Castel o this night and to work for Castel is no sin at all. I do not regret working for Castel that night as its official host for the Launch of one of its products the Castel beer, I even wish they hired me to sing, they were so many young people at the party after I had hosted the corporate launch earlier on, I wish my messages were heard live by these young men who seem to love music deeply, my music is not for those alone that are good, don’t drink, got to church every Sunday and they received Jesus Christ as Lord and savior rather to a huge percentage it is for those too that are failing to keep up with the speed of being righteous, it is encouraging to the weak, in all honesty I am less interested to encourage the strong, I mean coming from me who happens to be another weak one, in my 40 days cancer campaign to raise fifteen million for the Queens children’s cancer ward a night club by the name ( cockpit ) led by Dr Ben Phiri and his brother Martin Nkasala in Lilongwe organized and raised close to a million for me. a sports bar in area 49 came together and raised more money, " Pa Zeka " a well known drinking joint in Kanjedza invited me and raised more for the hospital, no church & no prayer group organized themselves to raise this money as a gospel artist was going round raising funds, so drinking people and drinking businesses have been my fans and my partners way before the Beverage Giant Castel hired me for half a million to be its host I do not drink beer not because the bible might have said so somewhere unknown to my faith I do not drink because I just have never come across an introductory path that worked for me neither did I see what I had really missed after I had not tasted alcohol, maybe I will start when I am 40 when I am retired and on my Veranda looking at the Ocean feeling that cool breeze with my very cold Castel beer enjoying sunset view knowing I am not going to work the next day, nor no one will accuse me of buying a few crates packed in my outdoor veranda fridge, if I happen to enjoy that life in my other half of this life and u are my friend by then u know where I will be. BAHAMAS On me and being a gospel artist I am sure I don’t fit in that category no more neither do I really wish to be a gospel artist the gospel doesn’t need an artist the gospel s the greatest news there is in the world & I think every artist needs the gospel and it’s ok to have it and work on other things as your Job, so we need accountants who can run with the gospel, managers, police, military everyone needs the gospel, call yourselves gospel professionals then. I am just an artist at work, ill from now on produce albums that carry different messages for different people and I am inspired by different things now that I have seen a little more of the world than before and I have made this my job officially so expect to hear anything from me not just the Gospel, I love Jesus and he loves me too my relationship with him is personal, so singing about him and his teachings I honestly can’t live without but I am surely going to sing about other things as well things like LOVE, SUCCESS,RIGHTS AND ALL THAT I SEE FIT FOR ME TO WORK ON AS A SONG, Jesus says he is not offended by my decision I expect my fan not to be too. I am not the gospel artist you want me to be I am PATIENCE NAMADINGO JUST THE ARTIST " UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND YOURSELF 1ST ON WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING ONLY THEN YOU ARE A REAL SUBJECT OF MIND DEVELOPMENT " PN

After reading his response, do you think it was necessary?  

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