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Bucci seems to have mastered the art of entertaining masses with both his singing and dancing. At least, this is what we get in the Golide video as he tries to woo his love interest with some dance moves in what seems to be a Blantyre CBD alleyway. And by the look of things, Sangie seems to be buying it.

Yes, Songstress Sangie is the love interest in the Ron Cz produced visuals. In its fullness, the video seems hype and exciting; the sort of video a lot of dance enthusiasts will want to replicate. I just can’t wrap my head around some of the mishaps, such as the man who tried to walk by as they danced at 2:41, or the shadow management in the latter scenes of the video after the beat switches up at 3:07. Also, is it me or does this beat sound like a revised version of Chris Browns “Pills and Automobiles”?

Nevertheless, Bucci is definitely an all-rounded entertainer. I hope this is not in videos only, but on stage too. You can watch Golide below.

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