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In Chilomoni Blantyre, there is a new voice that goes by the stage name Abhorsen. Born Modestar Mwai Botta, Abhorsen is an RnB/Trap-soul artist who only started taking music seriously in 2019 and it is evident she is a caterpillar on her way to blossoming into a beautiful butterfly with time.

Growing up in a community like Chilomoni has influenced the sound Abhorsen is championing as far as message and attitude goes. She has not been spared from witnessing how young girls are oppressed and have been deprived of opportunities that the other gender enjoys. Music is the superpower she will use to raise awareness to the masses so girls are not seen or deemed lesser to the boys but as equals that can substantially contribute to the community which they have been doing all along only that most people downplay this fact.

Her debut EP is called “BLACK SWEETS” which tackles a lot, mostly targeting the youth with the main theme being empowerment. The project has eight songs that boast extensive features from Romean 911, Henry Malan, Ray Millz, and Jeydak. The whole project was produced by Jeydak at Beat Passion Studios.

Ray Millz has been on the come up for a while but he is a vicious rapper from Lilongwe and it came as a surprise to see him featured on Abhorsen’s EP. She revealed that Ray Millz is a good friend of hers but she has always considered him as one of the most elegant upcoming rap artists and that pushed her to approach him for a feature.

What inspired the EP? Well, we asked and she said “Black elegance. The power of being a black woman and being able to stand independently in a world that looks down on you”. Talking to her this is the exact energy you get, raw and very much unfiltered.

I then went on to ask about her first time in a proper recording studio and her creative process which she broke down so well. Her first time in the studio the experience was nerve-racking but she got comfortable because she was surrounded by people who believe in her and the sound. Simply put it was a mixture of emotions for her.

On her creative process, “When an idea or concept pops up in my head I explain it to my mentor and we debate on it and then the song is written after a week; space in between is to see if there’s any way to improve (come up with a better idea). Then the song is written and practiced for a day and recorded on a phone to give to my manager and mentors for final touches. We later hit the studio for the final recording; after that, we do promos through social media till the time when we put the song out”.

Like any male-dominated industry,  she faces a fair share of challenges ranging from finding good beatmakers, producers being hesitant to record, and people spreading rumors that she copies certain fellow female upcoming artists and all that chatter. This has allowed her to grow a thick skin as sometimes it is what is required to be able to move in the industry, something she attributes to having learned from an artist she looks up to, Patience Namadingo.

What does the future look like for her? Well, she would like to perform her songs on big stages both locally & internationally, but mostly she wants to be able to look back and see that her music changed someone’s life and empowered them to be a better & strong person. Her biggest wish is that God gives her mother, siblings, friends, and fans long life to see the fruit of their support for her music and everything that she has going on.

You can STREAM her “Black Sweets EP” on Audiomack.


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